$ 3.004.671 UF 109,00

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Nueva Costanera

Nueva Costanera

$ 3.004.671

UF 109,00

Código: 2386939

Publicada: 01-10-2015

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Real Advisors

Av. Nueva Costanera 4229, oficina 301., Vitacura, Santiago


Nueva Costanera, Vitacura


3 Privados
1 Baño


200 m² útil

Best investment in real Estate you can make in Santiago regarding the vacancy in offices.
This boutique building its anti-cyclical regarding the vacancy of now days.
It´s a product with very shy competition, providing an excellent return in the investment.
The location, quality and the architectural design of this future office building, makes it unique!
These offices are delivered as grey wall and the sizes go from 1377 square feet up to 2530 square feet.


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